Remembering Our Soldiers – Good Friday


No one, other than those brave young soldiers and their families will ever truly know the nightmarish hell of war. We owe a debt to them that can never be repaid. Every U.S. citizen has their luxuries today because these men have answered their call to duty.

For my Good Friday, I called the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and asked if they would accept our offer to buy lunch for today. “Yes,” came a voice over the phone, “we’ll be honored.”  I wanted to tell each man face to face how much I appreciate their service to our country.

When we arrived at the post, the same woman I had spoken to earlier greeted us. “I told them you were coming.” She introduced us to a group of about seven men at a poker table.

“Hello, my named is Paul. My family and I wanted to buy you lunch today. We just wanted to say thank you all for your service to our country.”

Each man stood up without hesitation and shook our hands. I struggled to fight back tears; they were so gracious. It was like shaking hands with celebrities. To me, they are more important than any superstar I could ever meet.






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