Cop-A-Squat- What does it mean?

Have you ever wondered what cop a squat means?  In the 1970’s  when friends came over one would say,  “Come on in, cop-a-squat.”

The Online Slang Dictionary defines cop-a-squat as inviting someone to take a seat, sit down and relax.

In some circles its still used today.

At Cop-A-Squat we invite people to come in, cop-a-squat and let’s talk…



  1. meticulousmick

    Hey thanks so much for the follow on my own wee blog, it is really appreciated and hope to see you flying around having fun Paul. Never heard of the expression ‘Cop a squat’, new one on me. Enjoy your week. MM 🍀

    • paulworthingtonjr

      Hello Sam. I first came across the phrase Cop- A- Squat when I lived in Detroit in the 70’s. Back then, its only meaning was to have a seat. In the 90’s, possibly in New York, that simple meaning changed.

      The new meaning, accepted by some, means to take a potty break in public. As with other well-intended phrases, Cop- A- Squat has morphed into something foul.

      Thank you Sam for your comment.

  2. Joanne

    Never heard of it and I was college-aged in the 70s, but I live in the Southeast. I saw it as the name of a beach house on a South Carolina coastal island and was curious. I gather from various internet sites that it seems to be a northern regional term so I guess that’s why I never heard it. Have to admit, my first thought was the “New York” meaning but am hoping the folks who named their house that are thinking of the “sit down and rest for a spell” meaning, which would rather fit. (I’d still never name a vacation house that name, ugh! They have a plaque on the side of the house that says “Dancing in the Dunes” – now that’s a great name for a beach house!)

    • paulworthingtonjr

      Hello Joanne,
      Cop-A-Squat, a well used greeting in my Detroit neighborhood during the 70s. I loved the 70s, the clothes, big afros, and of course, the sayings. I still find myself, from time to time, using the warm greeting when friends come to visit. It’s sad that the saying has morphed into ugly meanings that are not warm and inviting. I favor the meaning we used in the 70’s and I thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to come by anytime you wish, pull up a seat, cop-a-squat and stay for a while. I thank you for your comment.

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