Good Fridays

What are Good Fridays?

At, we’re all about people. Every day we encounter challenges that often push us beyond our limits. For example, consider this story.

One day, after a heavy storm, a man decided to take a walk along the beach. The storm had washed ashore hundreds of starfish, who were baking in the blaring sun. A young girl gaped at the sight; she knew sea creatures needed water, so she began tossing the starfish back into the water.

The man looked and saw the girl wildly throwing toward the ocean. With a scoff, he said, “It doesn’t matter how many you throw in, you’ll never save them all.”

The young girl paused as if to consider what he said, then quickly picked up another starfish and tossed it in.

In words that sound so beautiful coming from someone so young, she replied, “It matters to him.” She then picked up another and tossed it in. “It matters to him.”  She continued to throw the starfish towards the glimmering sea.

Did she save them all? Of course not. But that didn’t stop her from trying.

We understand that for many, help may come too late. But, just like the big-hearted young girl, we will never give up.

And that’s what Good Friday’s are all about. Throughout the week, we strive to help someone in need. More than just spending money on people-we want to safely reach out and impact deeply. On Fridays, you come to and tell your encouraging stories to inspire others. Be that kind work or that caring talk and change someone’s life. Good Friday’s are truly about helping people.

(Note: For Good Fridays, I don’t encourage helping others while putting yourself in danger. As you do your good deeds, make sure you proceed with caution).


  1. Barbara Hart

    HiPaul! This week I dedicated time to a non-profit workshop in a consulting role. By the end of the day I had donated my time “to help”, but realized it had turned into a day of self-discovery! It called into question for me: Who will get credit when God answers my prayers…a question for each of us to ponder! In addition, do we worship the problem or God? …Insightful blog! Good Friday & Happy Weekend! @hartjbarb

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  4. Tracy Campbell

    My spine tingled reading about the caring, thoughtful girl. I’m pleased to see we think along the same lines–sharing and caring about others. I’ll be back in two weeks to follow. Odd? You’re thinking. In two weeks? Well…I’ve something up my sleeve.
    Hope you’re having a restful, enjoyable, long weekend.

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