Bullied to Death


Have you ever been bullied?  How bad was it?  Did it ever stop?  In the movie Bully, for some, it ended in tragedy.

The victims and their parent’s pleas to the school for help met with failure.

With the parents hands tied and the bullied kid all alone at school, the consequences were unimaginable.

What is a kid to do when some heartless jerk stabs him with a pencil, punches him repeatedly, and calls him ungodly names?  For one, he found peaceful escape in being a loner, until the bullies came knocking.

“Violence begets violence.” I agree. Somewhat.

When I was thirteen, two bullies harassed me and a girl who sat next to me. She finally broke down one day and wet her pants to the amusement of those fools. Fed up with their insults, I kicked the crap out of both boys. No more bullies for her or me. Period!

It was so worth the two-week suspension.

Am I advocating violence? No, I’m not. What I am advising is that people need to find ways to protect themselves from abuse.

Bullying can be as silent and as deadly as a venomous snake. Listen to the non-verbal cries for help:

  • Unexplained minor bruises, such as small scratches
  • Moodiness toward parents
  • Aggressiveness toward younger siblings

But are you a bully yourself? Do you…

  • Rule your house with an iron fist?
  • Spank or beat your child? There is a difference.
  • Allow your children to make mistakes?
  • Confuse aggressiveness with assertiveness?

As a parent, I know how difficult it is raising and protecting children. But as challenging as it is for us, it’s even more difficult for our children to learn how to protect themselves.

Remember, if we stand together, we can stomp out this senseless crime.

Share your bully stories in the comments below. Let us know how you survived.

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