There Is No Tomorrow!

On March 02, 2012, I drove a stake through the heart of the beast Tomorrow.

As a family we wrote short stories with the hope of one day publishing them. For years our hard work languished in flash drives and drawers.

On that morning, I was fed up. With determination burning inside me, I gathered the family and said, “No matter what,  this week we’re going to write a whole new short story collection and publish it next Friday on Smashwords. Period!”

In that week, every conceivable and inconceivable thing that could go wrong did go wrong. People we hadn’t heard from in years called; both cars broke down; we butted heads with neighbors, and family spats suddenly increased. However, this time we would not let the dream assassins win. This time we would not be denied.

On March 09, 2012 we released our first book-Poies: A New Beginning. Two weeks later, we went through hell again and eventually released Swan Song.

Gone forever was the beast Tomorrow.

Slay your tomorrow beast just like Rocky did. Battle that monster, and you will emerge victorious.

Check out the book trailer for Swan Song and Poies: A New Beginning.

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