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Julia Roberts: Cop A Squat

Over the last few months I’ve been wrestling with the decision whether to change Cop A Squat to another name. After a surge of recent  readers on the page “Cop-A-Squat – What Does it Mean?”, I’ve decided to address it.  Today, some kids have turned a cool, welcoming phrase into something dumb and disgusting. Unfortunately, many think the term now means urinating in public. I can assure you its original meaning never conveyed that kind of silliness. So what does Cop A Squat really mean?

In the 1970′s, when friends came over, you would say, “Come on in, cop-a-squat.” Even the Online Slang Dictionary defines cop-a-squat as inviting someone to take a seat, sit down, relax.

In some circles its still used today as its true meaning. That’s why the term Cop A Squat made its way into the movie Pretty Woman, where Julia Roberts’ character invites Richard Gere’s character to “cop-a-squat” and relax.

Even TripAdvisor used the phrase in one of their recent ads. From the picture you can see people enjoying each other’s company.

cop a squat rug'

We at Cop A Squat want our guest to feel at home when they visit. So come on in, take a seat, and let’s talk.




Soon we will return, bolder than ever before. Are you ready for the ride? We’ll see.