About Paul

Paul Worthington has told stories ever since he could talk. From embellished anecdotes that entertained his family to enthralling strangers with his tall yarns, people quickly pegged him a storyteller. As he grew, so did the tales he told. In 2006, at the urging of his wife, he began putting his stories on paper.
Paul is blessed to have a loving supportive wife and two children to cheer him on.


  1. Matt's mom

    Hello Ton of Worthy,
    I noticed a post on heroinsister from you. You alluded to a brother you have/had. I am brimming with curiousity of the most sincere kind. Being a writer and knowing that writing that devulges the true essense of the human experience is what we all seek, a mirror to our own experience, you must have intimated this, must have writings on this experience. I would be most appreciative if you do….

    • paulworthingtonjr

      Thank you for your sincere interest. Yes, I’ve had that experience. And yes I have written a story titled ‘You Reached for Me.’ It is one of the stories in my book ‘Poies: A New Beginning.’ It is about a brother I once had.

  2. M. C. Arvanitis

    Paul Worthington, You wrote a review for ‘The Legend of ELPanda Paws’ awhile back. I wanted to let you know that it was one of the best reviews I received. I am publishing the book as a paperback (on Amazon) and have added the review to the back cover .. giving you the credit of course. Thanks again. M. C. Arvanitis (Margaretarvanitis@gmail.com)

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