Dusty Remains

Dusty Remains-Recovered v7

One moment can change everything. The second installment of the ‘Life’ Series trains its eye on the fleeting snapshots of life, pictures that say a million words but are whispered in three hundred words or less. Our lives are stories in the making, and these twenty-one stories are haunting testaments of lives vivid and complex as our own, but more importantly, how these stories deserve to be told. Because if life decides to tear us apart, we can find the truth in what’s left over. This is the pulse of these short stories, these fragile lives. This is Dusty Remains.

What are people saying about Dusty Remains?

Dusty Remains is fast, powerful, and just damn good.” – Some Guy on the Street

“I read ‘Inside’, one of the best stories in this collection. I will never hate my inner child again.” – Definitely Not my Mom

“Want to know the meaning of life? Read the second to last story.” – Truly not my neighbor

“If you want to be challenged, disturbed, and awaken, this collection will rocket you to new heights” – Magic Man of Mars

Dusty Remains is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get, but every bite is soooo delicious.” – Paul Worthington

Read About the Author, I share a personal account on how I came about writing short stories:


Take a Look Inside the book  – enjoy Ponytail and become hooked with the story Inside.  Purchase your copy today – enjoy short stories that are bold, complex, some humorous, others sad, but most of all engaging and are (probably) the best you have read in a long time.  Please spread the word and be sure to share what you think.

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