Name That Movie Contest: 1970’s Edition

 For our GOOD FRIDAYt this week, we wanted to bring MORE awareness to our blog. So, this week, we approached at least ten people , and gave them a B&N gift card to purchase our books, also encouraging them to participate in our contest.

 Welcome to Cop-A-Squat’s first Name That Movie Contest!

Here’s the deal: Right below, there are 12 photos of movie scenes from the 1970’s.

Name all 12 movies, and send your answers to Paul’s e-mail:

The contest ends June 18, 2012.

The first to correctly name all 12 photos (make sure to say if it’s the original, sequel, prequel, or remake) will be notified as our sole winner. We will announce the champion on our blog, and they will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

(P.S.-For secrecy sake Please don’t leave your answers in the comments section. But, feel free to comment about films, our blog, or anything else!)

Are you ready?

Let the game begin!


                                 Image PHOTO 1

                                 Image PHOTO 2

                                 Image  PHOTO 3

                                Image  PHOTO 4

                               Image  PHOTO 5

                               Image  PHOTO 6

                               Image  PHOTO 7

                               Image  PHOTO 8

                              Image  PHOTO 9

                             Image  PHOTO 10

                             Image  PHOTO 11

                             Image  PHOTO 12

                                             ENJOY THE SHOW

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