This year, thus far, has been a whirlwind for the Worthington clan. And this week seems to be the epicenter of all things busy.

The most challenging school year has come to a wonderful end, for which the kids are extremely grateful, and so are we. We’re still working hard at work, but as of late it has been manageable. In a few weeks, we will put the final cap on our last home remodeling project.

Along with the above rapid pace, we have been home all week, hunkered down, putting the finishing touches on our third book, ‘Life’, a new three part series due to be completed mid-June.

After such a tumultuous tempo, a respite seemed to be on the menu for the Worthington’s. Therefore, my GOOD FRIDAY for this week is to spoil the family rotten. For the rest of today, we will lavish on each other the love and attention we need. Movies, food, fun, exercise, and more food: that’s how the Worthington’s roll.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.

Tell us your GOOD FRIDAYS in the comments below.  Let’s talk…

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