Helping Hands

This post is by no means a comparison to this impactful clip, but the line “I could have done more” is a strong reminder how we each can make a difference.

For our Good Friday, I wanted to honor the elderly. I appreciate that within them is so much of our history, wisdom, and their desire to help. My initial plan was to visit a senior citizen home in our neighborhood.

As you know, the best laid plans sometimes change.

Earlier in the week, my daughter and I visited our local video store. As I sat in the car, waiting for her return, an old, beat-up van pulled in next to me.

An older woman and two teenage girls got out of the van. As the woman walked slowly to my car, I could see her puffy, red eyes; it was obvious she had been crying.

“Sir”, she began, “we haven’t eaten in two days. Can you please help us?”

I sat stunned. “Ma’am, I just gave my daughter my last ten dollars. Whatever change she brings back, you are more than welcome to it.”

When my daughter returned, I quickly gave the woman the change: $3.54.

My heart churned. I felt so helpless. “I’m sorry, I wish I had more.”

She took the money from my hand. “Thank you, thank you,” she repeated.

The woman and her daughters returned to their van. My daughter turned to me. “Daddy, I have a few dollars at home. We can go get it and give it to her before she leaves.”

We raced home. After my wife and son heard about what happened, we rushed back to the video store, hoping to buy them groceries. But the woman was gone. We drove around for an hour trying to find them; we never did.

I felt horrible. Why when moments like this crop up I seem to always be out of pocket? My wife looked over at me. “Don’t beat yourself up; you did the best you could.”

I know she was right. I just wanted to do more.

We all can do more.

Tell us your Good Friday story.


  1. Barbara Hart

    Beautiful, inspiring story…I feel like I have been there so many times! It really is hard “not to beat yourself up”…your sincere compassion is the real story! This week, with Mother’s Day approaching, I made time to take 2 little girls of a divorced Mom shopping for a gift for her. SMILES…priceless!

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