Stay Away From the Bad Things Son

What would you say to your son if you knew you only had a few minutes to live?

Consider this scenario:

You and your family return from a shopping trip at the local market. It’s a good day; everyone is smiling as they carry bags up the creaky steps into a shabby home. As you begin to walk in with the last bag, three men grab you, knocking the bag out of your hand as your nine-year-old son watches. Beating you as they force you in the trunk of their car, shots go off in the mist of the struggle. “We’ll be back for our money!” All three men jump into their car and drive off.

You hear your children crying as your wife runs for help. You are dying; these precious moments could be the last  time to say…

“Son, don’t waste your life like I did. Stay away from bad people; if you don’t, they will destroy you. Become wise at all costs. Choose God, not the bottle like I did. Godly wisdom will keep you from evil men. Stay away from fornication and adultery. Find you one woman that loves you, marry her, and be good to her, no matter what. Be honest, don’t lie, don’t steal, keep your heart pure, don’t scheme, or stir up trouble: bad things get you where I am now. Most of all, choose wisdom over money because it’s more valuable than gold. Take care of your mother, help out, be a better man than I ever was…I Love you.

As you hear the sirens in the background, you pass out knowing no matter the outcome, you gave your son good advice, some of which you received too late. Hopefully your son’s life will be better.

Although a dramatic story and not everyone’s situation, the point is to teach your children while they are young, while you are here to guide them.  Don’t wait until it is too late.  Train your child now and when they grow, even when they are in the middle of some poor decisions, they will remember the wise lessons you taught them.

Fortunately, in the story, the young boy’s father didn’t die, although, his parents soon divorced. However, over the years, he heeded his father’s wise counsel and went on to become a successful writer.

If you are unsure what to say to your sons and daughters use the book of Proverbs. Let God’s word teach them how to stay away from the bad things.

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