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Hello, I hope everyone enjoyed our first Good Friday.

Also, check out Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups, usually sold at Whole Foods Market. The dark chocolate ones are vegan and gluten free. A word of caution: they’re very additive. You have been warned.


Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Sweet Dark Chocolate

1. It’s chocolate-it helps keep me sane.

2. It’s a great reward after a very long walk.

3. The very smell of it makes my mouth water.

4. As a gift, it’s always the perfect fit.

5. It goes well with other tasty treats, like peanut butter (see above picture).

6. Watching my kids eating dark chocolate bunnies on Easter morning: priceless.

7. The last bite. So sad, but sooo good.

8. Red wine and sweet dark chocolate. Need I say more?

9. Finding a hidden bite-size piece I tucked away on the pantry’s top shelf.

10. While in Paris, my wife and I visited every chocolatier in the one mile radius. Every time I eat chocolate it reminds me of that moment.


Just Sayin.’

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