Our First Good Friday!

I try to listen to what people don’t say versus what they do say.

Example: my doctor’s secretary spent quite a bit of time reasoning with my insurance provider on my behalf. She finally she got them to listen.

I told her how grateful I was. “Just doing my job,” she said with a tired smile.

I could see she needed a much needed respite.

So, after talking with my wife, we sent her and her husband on a mini vacation in town.

When I gave her the hotel/dinner package her face brightened and she said, “Thank you, how did you know? My husband and I have been thinking about going there for a long time.”

I am not a rich man, but we had a few coins and we thought it would be a good idea to bring a smile to someone’s face, which is one of the many reason I live for.

Just Sayin.’

Tell us your good Friday story in the comments below!

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