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Don’t Eat the Marshmallows… Yet!

Imagine. You’re invited to an extravagant party. When you arrive, you and a party of eleven strangers are escorted to a gorgeous, lavish table with an enormous silver bowl filled with twelve white envelopes. Your curiosity is piqued when the host reveals that inside each envelope is five thousand dollars.

Suddenly, the host is called away for an important phone call. Before leaving the room, he informs that each of you can have one of the envelopes. But if you can wait until he returns, he will double what is inside the envelope. “For those who can’t wait,” he says, “take an envelope and feel free to leave. And thank you for coming.”

Under an unknown watch, the wait begins. One hour – two impatient guests retrieve their prize and quickly leave.

Two hours – four more guests hastily scoop up their gifts and head for the door.

Six hours – two tapping their fingers on table, look around the room, reach into the bowl, take their envelopes and leave.

Ten hours – murmurs of “how long do we have to wait. I’m tired. I’m hungry. This is dumb. Why would he invite us and not even feed us.” Two more exit.

The eleventh hour. You look over and smile at the only remaining guest across from you-just you and him. Standing up, looking around, he tips his hat, reaches into the bowl, wags the envelope and waves goodbye.

The sun is coming up, beaming through the stunning picture windows. You glance at your watch. It’s been twelve hours since you walked into the room. Tired, discouraged, you think about reaching for the last envelope. But you resist.

Over your shoulder, out of the corner of your eye, you see a figure. The host walks up. He smiles. He hands you twelve white envelopes, one for you and one for every guest that left early. His chauffer drives you home – it was worth the wait. Now imagine this same scenario with a bunch of third graders. Instead of white envelopes, the prize is a big bowl of marshmallows, your child’s favorite. Could he delay the urge to eat? He might if he reads Don’t Eat the Marshmallows… Yet!  

For this Good Friday, my son and I read this story. Encouraging him to be more like the last guy – delaying gratification. I want him to understand you can reap bountiful rewards in life if you can delay personal gratification. Is it hard? Sure! Is it worth it?  Definitely. I shared with him Dave Ramsey’s motto, “IF YOU WILL LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE, LATER YOU CAN LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE.” And he will, if he learns to eat the marshmallows, but just not yet.

I invite you to tell us your GOOD FRIDAY story; in the meantime, help yourself.


Where is the Wealthiest place on earth?

Many believe it’s in the oil rich reserves of the Middle East. Or the diamond mines of South Africa. There are even those who tell you it’s in all the cemeteries of the world.

None of those answers are correct, not one.

Of the three places mentioned, why would people believe wealth could ever possibly be in the grave? You no doubt heard this overused and under-thought excuse: “Many people in cemeteries died before their treasures could be realized.”

A treasure that can’t be accessed isn’t a treasure.

No, there are zero treasures in the cemeteries, none of which are of any value to us.

So where does all the wealth of the world lie? Where it’s always been, right here.


And here


 And here

And here


 And here


And here


Our true wealth is in the living. So, instead of focusing on what could have been, let’s gear our hearts and minds on what can be.

 Case in point:

An eight-year-old boy turned in filthy homework every day. It had soot all over it, smearing the pages with dirty smudges. It smelled of smoke, and so did the boy. The kids would laugh, and every time he handed it to his teacher, she begrudgingly accepted it; for a week this went on. Finally at end of the week she said: “meet with me after class.”

“Why is your work like this? Don’t you care enough about school not to hand in work like this?”

With his head down, the boy answered. “Our house caught on fire. Our furniture was ruined; there was water everywhere, and we had nowhere else to go, so we had to move back in. All of the lights won’t work, so I have to do my homework by candlelight.”

With tears in her eyes, she gladly accepted the homework and told the boy he could do his homework after class in her classroom.

That’s why I believe the wealth of the world is in the hearts and minds of our children and the people of all nations, who have the fortitude to not give up. Period.

If you’re not familiar with our Good Friday, please read: Good Fridays. If you like, please join us for this Good Friday.

Our Good Friday: Read a book to a child before Friday, then come back and tell us how it went.  And as always, keep your head up.



Soon we will return, bolder than ever before. Are you ready for the ride? We’ll see.


Thank you to everyone who entered our contest! Unfortunately, we didn’t have a winner. There’s always next time. Presented below are the cropped clips and their original versions. Once again, thank you all for playing NAME THAT MOVIE CONTEST: 1970’S EDITION! 

Image PHOTO 1     Image

Image PHOTO 2  Image

Image PHOTO 3  Image

Image PHOTO 4  Image

Image PHOTO 5  Image

Image PHOTO 6  Image

Image PHOTO 7  Image

Image PHOTO 8  Image

Image PHOTO 9  Image

Image PHOTO 10 Image

Image PHOTO 11 Image

Image PHOTO 12  Image


1- And Justice for All

2- Black Belt Jones

3- California Suite

4- Enter the Dragon

5- Grease

6- Love Story

7- Willard

8- Sounder

9- Kramer vs. Kramer

10- Car Wash

11- Jaws 1

12- The Wiz


Name That Movie Contest: 1970’s Edition

 For our GOOD FRIDAYt this week, we wanted to bring MORE awareness to our blog. So, this week, we approached at least ten people , and gave them a B&N gift card to purchase our books, also encouraging them to participate in our contest.

 Welcome to Cop-A-Squat’s first Name That Movie Contest!

Here’s the deal: Right below, there are 12 photos of movie scenes from the 1970’s.

Name all 12 movies, and send your answers to Paul’s e-mail:

The contest ends June 18, 2012.

The first to correctly name all 12 photos (make sure to say if it’s the original, sequel, prequel, or remake) will be notified as our sole winner. We will announce the champion on our blog, and they will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

(P.S.-For secrecy sake Please don’t leave your answers in the comments section. But, feel free to comment about films, our blog, or anything else!)

Are you ready?

Let the game begin!


                                 Image PHOTO 1

                                 Image PHOTO 2

                                 Image  PHOTO 3

                                Image  PHOTO 4

                               Image  PHOTO 5

                               Image  PHOTO 6

                               Image  PHOTO 7

                               Image  PHOTO 8

                              Image  PHOTO 9

                             Image  PHOTO 10

                             Image  PHOTO 11

                             Image  PHOTO 12

                                             ENJOY THE SHOW



This year, thus far, has been a whirlwind for the Worthington clan. And this week seems to be the epicenter of all things busy.

The most challenging school year has come to a wonderful end, for which the kids are extremely grateful, and so are we. We’re still working hard at work, but as of late it has been manageable. In a few weeks, we will put the final cap on our last home remodeling project.

Along with the above rapid pace, we have been home all week, hunkered down, putting the finishing touches on our third book, ‘Life’, a new three part series due to be completed mid-June.

After such a tumultuous tempo, a respite seemed to be on the menu for the Worthington’s. Therefore, my GOOD FRIDAY for this week is to spoil the family rotten. For the rest of today, we will lavish on each other the love and attention we need. Movies, food, fun, exercise, and more food: that’s how the Worthington’s roll.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.

Tell us your GOOD FRIDAYS in the comments below.  Let’s talk…


 Can you name this movie?

If so, you really know your 70’s films.

Name 12 more, and you could win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


Here at, we are hosting our first contest. Starting June 5, 2012, we will display 12 iconic movie scenes from the 1970’s.

All you have to do is name the correct movie from the photos and leave your answers in the comments below.

If you answer all questions correctly-YOU COULD BE OUR SOLE WINNER.

It’s literally that easy.

Again, on June 5, 2012, NAME THAT MOVIE: 1970’s EDITION will begin. Better start reviewing your 70’s movies!


Riding on Empty


How many times have you jumped in your car and sped off, only to discover, way down the road in the middle of nowhere, your tank is on empty?

Sucks, doesn’t it?

Right away you get in the lane near the shoulder. You turn off the A/C, roll down the window-you even cut off the radio. You will do anything just to make it to a gas pump. You begin to pray, “Lord, please, just let me make it to a gas station.”

One more mile and your car sputters and dies. You coast to a slow stop onto the shoulder. Now what?

For my Good Friday:

I traveled down the highway, my daughter in the passenger seat, my son in the middle seat. We had the music playing and the air blasting.

We passed an abandoned car. About a half-mile down, we saw a man and his young daughter walking on the shoulder. Their clothes were dirty and torn, and the man carried an old red metal gas can. I tried to pull over to offer help, but with a semi bearing down on me, I couldn’t pullover in time.

I knew the nearest gas station was at least five miles away. And it was hot.

I got off at the next exit and raced back to see if I could catch them. They had walked about another quarter-mile when we stopped them. The man looked relieved.

“Hey, is that your car back there?” I asked.

“Yeah, I just ran out of gas,” he said.

I offered to take him to the gas station and then take him back to his car.

When they got in he never stopped thanking me for stopping.

The man pointed to the girl sitting next to my daughter, who now sat in the middle row, my son way in the back seat. “This is my daughter, Erica” he smiled.

“Hi,” she spoke shyly.

“And I’m Randy.”

After the introductions we merged into traffic.

We pulled up to the pump. He got out and his daughter followed him to the cashier window. As soon as he started pumping the gas into the can I heard the pump cut off.

Over my shoulder I could see the amount he pumped: $0.68.

When they got back in the car I asked him if he needed a few dollars.

“No I’m good, we don’t have that far to go.” He tried to smile.

“Where you headed?” I asked.

When he told me how far, I knew there was no way he was going to make it on just $0.68.

“Look,” I began, “please take this ten dollars, fill up the gas can. I’ll take you back to your car, then I’ll follow you back to this station, then you can get more gas.”

He hesitated at first. I could see the tears in his eyes.

“I don’t know what to say,” he said.

“You don’t have to say anything, just take it,” I said passing him the money.

When we returned to the station he put the remainder of the ten dollars in his gas tank. I tell you, it has been years since I felt anyone express so much gratitude. I will never forget Randy or Erica.

(Note: For Good Fridays, I don’t encourage helping others while putting yourself in danger. As you do your good deeds, make sure you proceed with caution).

Tell us your Good Friday story. Let’s talk.