STEPHEN KING: The Master Time-Waster



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Stephen King

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Stephen King is not a good author. Stephen King is a terrible author. Stephen King is long-winded, repetitive, and most of all, selfish.

When you read a book, you want to enjoy it. Savor it. Learn something new, appreciate life more.

And you know what’s so special about books? They can make you appreciate life more, without taking your life away.

When confronted with a 500, 700, and with Under the Dome, a 1088 page novel, how can you learn to experience life when you spend all of it reading someone else’s novel?

Hey. Maybe I want to spend all my time reading, you say.

What if the novel sucks?

If you read one Stephen King book, you’ve read them all. A crime, some paranormal horror story, sex, murder, drama…then a weak twist at the end that’s supposed to make you feel like you’ve read a good story.

However, I do believe Mr. King can be a talented writer. Among the trash he has offered through the years, only one pearl stands: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, a story that has not only entertained, but has revealed great insights about life and humanity. Oh, but after the popular, empty pages that carry such names as The Long Walk, The Stand, and Christine, King became an puppet for modern audiences worthless appetites for commercialized “literature.”

But King is not the only one. It’s a trend – a virus – quickly spreading throughout authors today who pump out large amounts of garbage, not taking in account the lives of 90% of their readers: hard-workers who are trying to live their own lives, who wish to enjoy good literature…not lazy words on a page. Too many pages.

People don’t have time or the desire to inflate your already overinflated ego, Mr. King.

Life: As Fragile As Dust is a much better novel than Stephen King will ever write. Tight, powerful prose that gets straight to the point, and leaves an impact more than the bubblegum fiction of most of today’s authors. Do yourself an extreme favor, and read Life: As Fragile As Dust.


  1. 12 Step Analyst

    A well stated critical analysis Paul. Ever think about getting this blog post directly to him. I’ve got some readings coming up in my chapter titled: Walking on the Dark Side. There’s a segment that I consider to be a take on his writing style. I’ll let you know when I get there. It’ll be about three months from now.

  2. Jeff Peters

    I’m one of the few that really likes some of his newer work. They never quite come together completely, and my dad always said King’s books were interesting until the last act. I enjoyed Duma Key and Lisey’s Story and the way those books were about language. Stangely, On Writing is my favorite King book and it’s nonfiction.

  3. paulworthingtonjr

    I read On Writing; I enjoyed reading how he became a writer. And yes, I agree with you, On Writing was good, because it details how Mr. King set out to become a writer against the odds, and he became one. Whether he’s good, bad, or just alright, he followed his dream. I find that encouraging.

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