Grub Street Reads

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, pop-eyed mosquitoes and bow-legged squirrels, step right up. Cop A Squat is proud to announce that one of our three books has won an award. That’s right, and not just any award …

Grub Street Reads has awarded Life: As Fragile As Dust its coveted gold seal.

Grub Street Reads specializes in reviewing independent published novels and endorses those who meet its quality standards based on the fundamental qualities of good storytelling.  Now my book is prominently displayed on Grub Street Reads shelves.

Here’s what the reviewer had to say, Life: As Fragile As Dust is a very interesting mixture of short stories. I appreciated the wry humor of ‘Doggone’ and ‘Bud’s Life’ and was touched by ‘Grandma’s Secret’ and especially ‘Melted Dreams’. You have a versatile voice, which I think is captured in these wide-ranging stories.  My favorite was ‘Melted Dreams’ which was able to convey a lifetime of anguish and regret in a very tight and minimalist prose.  ‘On the Dotted Line’ was a great final story – fun and wicked…”

I feel so honored to have found a place in Grub Street Reads library. If you want an honest review of your book then you must click on this link:

Grub Street Reads coveted gold seal is a testament of Life: As Fragile As Dust, ability to thrill.  You will laugh out loud.  Be moved to tears.  And you will begin to ponder your own life’s course.

Are you interested? Please step right up, click on the sidebar, get your book and read a short story collection like no other. Our print version will be available next week; it’ll make a good stocking stuffer… And Happy Friday!

For our GOOD FRIDAY, tell every author you know about this vetting service. And as always, keep your head up.




  1. Jeff Peters

    Okay, you got me, I added your book to my wish list. As soon as I finish my 20 books I have laying around, I will buy a Kindle and get your book. On a professional note, do you make as much money off the eBooks? I’ve always preferred real books I can hold, but the eBooks are just so much cheaper now I have to take the plunge. If you don’t mind me prying.

  2. paulworthingtonjr

    Thank you Jeff for showing interest in my work. An author could make more off e-books, simply because there’s less cost in making an e-book than a paper one. With lower up-front cost, and a more affordable selling price, an author could sell more copies, thus making more money.

    Here’s one example: When a author sells an e-book on Amazon for $2.99 or more, that author makes makes 70% of the list price. But if the author sells that same book as a paperback through Amazon’s CreateSpace, he will have to charge more, say $7.99, to cover the cost of paper, printing, and distribution. Afterwards, Amazon, after recovering their cost for printing and such, takes the lion share of the little profit that’s left.

    E-books are better for me for the above reasons. Buy the e-book versions if you wish. Thanks,

    – Paul

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