PSA (Paul’s Service Announcement) SOMEWHERE IN THE DARK

Chances are you won’t even see it coming. Long before you can recoil, it has you. At first you make little of it, and why shouldn’t you? The pain, if any, is mild, so you brush it off as nothing, just a little bite. Big mistake.

Those old shoes tucked away in the back of the closet. That winter coat you put away last summer. Maybe it was when you lay sleeping and felt something crawling over your face. And when you brushed it away…WHAM! “Something bit me!” You turn on the lights, and you see this little guy.


You watch him scurry away. “Stupid spider.” No, not stupid – deadly, very deadly.

In homes these guys seem to favor cardboard. But have been found in dressers, toilets, clothes left lying on the floor, gloves, infrequently used beds, and etc.

(Photo credit eMedicine Health)

Its venom, according to eMedicineHealth, is more potent than that of a rattlesnake in ratio to its size. One bite, if left unattended according to the University of Minnesota, can in rare cases cause LIVER failure. Its bite can destroy tissue at an alarming rate. The following photos are shocking but very real.

(Photos credit-

In ten days this man’s life changed forever. The symptoms usually develop two to eight hours after a bite.

What should you do if the Brown Recluse bites you? eMedicineHealth advises you take the following step.


The home kit pictured contains glue traps and a charcoal power to help soak the venom out of the tissue, thus preventing further damage.


(Photo credit:

The states in the map below are where the brown recluse makes its home.

(Photo credit

For our GOOD FRIDAY, inform someone of this dangerous spider. Have you ever encountered a brown recluse or any other deadly species we should be aware of? Tell us in the comments below. And as always, keep your head up and your eyes open.


  1. Rum Punch Drunk

    Oh my word. I need the kit real fast, even if we don’t have those little blighters in England. I shall be shaking everything before I put it on now, thanks for the paranoia……… I’m glad you used a picture to show what this spider is capable of doing as I think it brings home just how dangerous they are, so nice one.

  2. paulworthingtonjr

    Many people that fear poisonous spiders, poisonous snakes, etc, don’t like talking about these creatures. But, it’s important that we learn as much as possible about them. Armed with the right information, we will know what we should do, in case we are bitten by something poisonous. I hope to do a follow up to this post. Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting.

    I have another blog that may interest you. When you get a chance, stop over for a fun greet and meet.

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