Can You Place an Age Limit on Morality?

If we are truly what we eat, then we are exactly what we consume mentally.

Junk food can and does wreck our bodies. But movies and television shows filled with senseless violence or warped messages destroy our minds.

Many parents have taken a stand, refusing to let their young children watch the likes of a  RATED R movie because most of these films lack any real morals.

Bravo! One giant step for parents and one small step the children.

What? Wait – why is it only a small step for children?

Think about it…

Parents (some, not all) don’t let their children watch movies with moral decline – a good aim.  But these same parents have little to no concern watching those movies while their children are only an earshot away in the next room or upstairs.

These youngsters who aren’t permitted to sit and watch useless entertainment many times are subjected to it audibly.

I know, I know. Parents should have and do have the right to watch whatever they want. While true, consider this. You confuse your child when you say, “You’re too young to watch those kinds of movies. Only mommy and daddy are allowed to see these types of movies.”

For a child, that kind of logic is confusing.

The fact of the matter is this:

You can’t place an age limit on morality.

Yes, there are many things that should be left out of the reach of small children. Movies are just one of many that have, of late, got under my skin.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m a parent also struggling to find that ever moving line of decency etched in the sand. One only has to look at the latest fare in movies and see there’s a need to closely examine what we let entertain us and unwilling let poison our children as well as ourselves.

We can make a change. For our GOOD FRIDAY, watch a movie with a child or take your child to one – something that will not only entertain them but will inspire them to new heights. Or check out RandomFilmBuff for good suggestions. On Friday, come back and tell us your experience. And as always, keep your head up.


  1. largerthanlifeblog

    You are so correct! It is really difficult to figure out what kind of movie is exactly fit for children watch.Ratings don’t give us the exact potrayal….moreover…we can’t figure out children’s perception…the messages can be misleading at times

    • paulworthingtonjr

      So true, movie rating should only be used as a suggestion and not as a road map to whats good or bad. You’re right, it’s difficult perceive what a child is perceiving. Therefore, as parents we should give them the best examples to emulate.

  2. Rum Punch Drunk

    Good point about the parents watching R rated movies whilst their children can hear it. Children are really not that stupid and at times it can look as if the parents don’t practice what they preach. Over a long period of time, your children may just see you as hypocrites.

    Maybe there should be a list of films that are suitable for children but not rated by the movie industry as they can get it wrong. As an example family/friends can email each other with their own recommendations of films they feel are suitable for certain ages. Like a kind of group forum or something.

    Parents also ought to take note of the type of friends your children go out to play with, as a badly behaved child with a bad upbringing can also influence your child in the wrong way.

    I think that it’s also very important to take note when you leave your children to sleep overnight at a friends house. Do those parents have the same morals as you, because they could be allowing your child to watch R rated movies and all sorts(as they may see nothing wrong with it). I could go on, but I’m rambling now.

    Very interesting post.

  3. paulworthingtonjr

    Thank you for your kinds words. Yes, you’re right, kids are a lot smarter than most parents give them credit. Your suggestions are spot on. We need more than just the movie industry telling us what’s good or bad. I like the idea that family and friends can e-mail each other movie suggestions that are suitable for certain age groups.

    Yes, bad children mostly influence good children VS the other way around. And sleepovers are waaaay to scary these days. As you said, one never really knows what goes on when their child stays overnight with a friend.

    Here’s a site that may help in picking out movies that may give a little insight on movies for certain age groups. Great movies reviews that offers good suggestions for all ages.

    And This is a new one, just brought to my attention, you may want to tryout.


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