When you call someone a pig, in some cases it’s an insult to the pig.

Many people are under the impression that pigs are grubby, nasty, and smelly creatures, that’s true, but not entirely.

A pig doesn’t sweat like humans, so they wallow in the mud for its cooling affects. The mud makes them dirty, but that doesn’t mean they are filthy.  In fact, pigs are incredible animals.

How many people do you know can run a ten minute mile? A pig can.

How many of your friends are so loyal to you that their loyalty would put a dog’s devotion to shame. It’s a proven fact that pigs are more loyal than man’s best friend.

What about intelligence? Pigs pass the test on smarts too; they are even smarter than dolphins.

Wait, what do the below pictures have to do with pigs? Let me address that concern now.

Last weekend my family and I went to the movies. The theater   auditorium was packed, mostly with senior couples. There wasn’t a kid in sight, except my two.

During the movie the sound of rustling popcorn bags, candy wrappers, and even a cork popping, could be heard. Then began the munching, belching, and hacking and spitting.

When you pay your nine bucks to see a movie, I guess you have the right to eat, drink, and converse as loud as you dare.

However, no one has the right to leave a theater in such squalor as I found when the movie ended and the lights came up.

Yes, sadly in a theater of mostly adults, when the theater emptied it was worse than a pig pen.

In every row there was popcorn scattered about the floor. Empty candy wrappers were left under and on seats. Half-filled soda containers were left bloated in the seat cup holders and empty ones left on the floor. In one row sat an empty wine bottle, with the cork shoved back in. Soiled napkins were everywhere, with all the hacking and spitting, one can only imagine what soiled those napkins.

It’s not a mystery that our younger generation carry on so thoughtlessly. Look at the poor examples we leave for them to follow. As adults we should set the best possible example we can. Thereby, hopefully, the young will emulate our good habits.

So from here on, every one of us, when we sit with strangers in a dark room watching a movie we will:

  • Consume our goodies quietly.
  • Keep our conversation to a minimum.
  • Stay in our seats as much as possible.
  • Above all, clean up our own mess!

The price of admission is not your down payment on a slave. The people who clean our theaters work hard, very hard. Please don’t make their job any harder. As I tell my children, “Always leave it better than you found it.”

What do you think? Leave a comment below, let’s talk.

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