Does Size Matter?


No, not that.

When it comes to eBooks, the answer is a resounding “NO!”

There is a belief that books have to be of a high page count to really be worth reading.

That’s nonsense! And those who perpetuate that lie are robing you of living your real life. Books with countless pages are often times pumped with so much filler they make a hot dog look wholesome.

How many times have you purchased one of these clunkers with high hopes of truly being entertained? Long before you force yourself to its disappointing conclusion you feel your blood boil.

“Another twenty-five dollars for a book that wasn’t good.”  And there’s no place for it on your overcrowded shelves.

A 400 (or more) page novel often taunts its readers: “My bloated book is more important than your life. Let me steal you away from your family and friends. Help me make my dreams come true while I rob you of yours.”

Short stories are vastly different. They tell the story faster and better. (For example, check out Swan Song at it’s less than 2500 words, but it packs a powerful punch.) Short stories writers spend time with you, not steal time from you. This way, you have more time to work on your treasures.

When you get those precious few hours to yourself, do you want to spend all of it reading about empty characters when you can be living the life you desire?

This cautionary plea goes out to all aspiring writers with the hopes of becoming a better writer by reading other long-winded writers. STOP. You will become a better writer by writing. Period.

Unleash that novel of respectable size that’s locked inside your head. Or that new movie idea that’s sure to be a hit- if you can just get to it. Then you’ll breathe that full breath that you haven’t breathed in a very long time. Don’t let your death clock run out by wasting time on fluffed writing. Better get going.



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