Are vegans freaks?

No, we’re not.

IF YOU WANT TO EAT (AND LIVE) LIKE NO ONE ELSE, LATER YOU MUST EAT (AND LIVE) LIKE NO ONE ELSE TODAY. (Thanks Dave, Total Money Makeover, Ramsey. Great book by the way.)

One thing is vividly clear: your life and the true quality of it, for the most part, depends on what you put in your mouth and what emotions you allow to settle in your heart.

Years ago I became a vegan and my life and health have never been better. Trust me, it can make your life better too.

After all, it takes more than veganism to makes your life better. It takes-I’m going to use a name that surprisingly offends many people-It…it takes…it takes… Jesus. There. I said it.

Jesus is the only way.

I try to walk with Jesus everyday. And most days I fail. But thankfully, God hasn’t given up on me, nor will He you.

Jesus, my wife, our children, and veganism are very close to my heart.

Speaking of my heart, my heart is much more healthy since my wife only-okay, for the most part-makes great healthy vegan dishes. We sometimes eat too many vegan treats. However, you’ll be amazed what my wife can do with a handful of nuts. No jokes please. Okay, maybe a few. Okay, okay, that’s enough.

Just Sayin’.

For more on Jesus: READ YOUR BIBLE and click this link:

For more on Veganism: click this link:

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