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I can’t remember how many times my mother had to answer that question. I do remember how hard she worked to bring wholesome meals to our table.

Rarely did she complain and rarely did she have the chance to enjoy a night out on the town.

Here is a Poie from my book, Poies: A New Beginning. It answers that age old question – what’s for dinner? This story is a tribute to all the women who answer this question without fail.


If you ask me what’s for dinner tonight

I guarantee you, there’s gonna be a fight

You asked me that last night, and the night before

Ask me again and you’ll be getting off the floor

Two nights ago we had chicken, the night before that, stew.

So don’t ask me what’s for dinner. Let me tell you.

(By AdSence by Unreal)

Tonight we’re going out to dine

So I can relax and have some wine

(Beautiful Nasty)

Later tonight, if you’re nice, I’ll do a little show

As for dinner tomorrow, don’t ask – I’ll let you know.

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